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Next-Generation IoT Solutions

Wi-NOx™ used with permission of K&A’s commercialization partner SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

First Responders

Smart Cities


Wireless Video: Thermal Imaging

  • Digital wireless transmission

  • Shutterless thermal imaging (CLIR-View Technology)

  • Analog wireless video

Innovative Driver of Technology




Data Surety

K&A has developed a data surety strategy in support of next-generation consumer and commercial IoT applications, and through its commercialization partner, SensorComm Technologies, is bringing to market an IoT-based mobile pollution monitoring system (Wi-NOx™) with data surety at its core.

Founded In 1998

Spread Spectrum Wireless Video

K&A delivers spread spectrum wireless video transmission solutions to the firefighting market.

Wi-Fi Video Transmitters

K&A was the first to introduce video transmitters using Wi-Fi to the firefighting market.

Voice Video Data

K&A remains a leader in providing products that transport and store voice, video and data for firefighter training and personnel safety.

Pioneering Achievements

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