About K&A Wireless

K&A is a New Mexico-based manufacturer of advanced technology solutions for first responders, law enforcement and military. Our specialty is in the area of wireless transmission and digital storage of video, specifically designed for thermal imaging platforms for first responders. The systems are designed to operate integrated into the thermal imagers that are taken into harsh environments.

K&A products include wireless video transmitters, various configuration of wireless video receivers (portable, mobile and fixed), digital video recorders, repeaters and accessories. K&A products can be provided as components or as part of a larger, complete system. The overall components are compact, battery operated, and can be cost-effectively designed, tailored and integrated specifically for your applications. Options are available where the electronics can be packaged as external units that can be belt worn or mounted and used to upgrade existing camera systems that don’t have integrated or existing transmitter capability.

Our regular customers particularly value our ability to provide innovative solutions that are customizable to their specific, market-driven needs.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Next-Generation IoT Solutions
Transportation/Smart Cities
First Responders
Law Enforcement